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April 3, 2017

Dear Friends at St. Paul's Episcopal Church,

Thank you for your generous donation of $1,000.  We very much appreciate being included in your giving program.

Your gift has allowed us to provide vital assistance to thousands of Christian Iraquis (sic) and Syrians (sic) refugees in Jordan and internally displaced Christians in Kurdistan who have been forced from their homes by the actions of Daesh (ISIS).  We have provided assistance for a number of families to relocate to a safer place and for persons who have needed extraordinary medical care.  We are providing the funds for 325 Iraqui and Syrian Christian children to attend school in Jordan.  We provided scholarships for 75 students to attend the Catholic University of Erbil in Kurdistan for their first year.

With your help, St. George's Anglican Church in Baghdad has been able to meet the increased demand for medical and dental care and to give humanitarian assistance to all who have come to them for help.

We ask you to keep the people we serve and those who serve them in your constant prayers.

For more information about FRRME America and its ongoing programs, please visit our website at www.FRRMEAmerica.org


David E. Greer, Executive Director